FLASHBACK: Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Her Future Husband Perform Improv in '82


Julia-Louis Dreyfus and her improv group were just hired as the newest cast members of 'SNL' in 1982.

Happy birthday Julia Louis-Dreyfus! The wildly successful Veep actress celebrates her 54th birthday Tuesday – but we all have start somewhere, and for Julia it was at The Practical Theater Company in Chicago.

Back in 1982, ET stopped by the theater for a special performance from Julia and the fellow members of her improv group, The Golden 50th Anniversary Jubilee, as they prepared to take their final bow for the opportunity of a lifetime.

"I am incredibly excited about moving to New York, working on Saturday Night Live! I can hardly sleep!" Julia told ET back in '82.

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That's right! Not just Julia, but the entire improv group was just hired by SNL as their newest cast members.

"This was kind of this supreme opportunity to become nationally successful," said Julia.

Other members of the group included Gary Kroeger, Paul Barrosse, and Brad Hall.

"We've known each other for a long time and I think when they came and saw our show they recognized the fact that there's an ensemble at work here," said Hall.

But Hall was more than just a scene partner, he would become Julia's husband five years later.

Check out this throwback video for Julia and Brad performing together on stage back in '82!

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