Matt LeBlanc Tells Prince Harry and William to 'F**k Off' Over 'Friends' Reunion

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Even British royalty can't make a Friends reunion happen.

Matt LeBlanc showed up on Tuesday's Conan to promote the new season of his Showtime series Episodes, and per usual, the conversation led to the possibility of a Friends reunion. The actor -- who spends about three months a year in London -- revealed that upon running into Prince Harry and Prince William at a polo match, they too inquired as to whether Joey would ever reconnect with Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe.

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"All they want to know is when is the Friendsreunion," LeBlanc, 47, revealed on the late-night show. "That's all they wanted to know about."

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"What did you tell them?" Conan asks.

"I told them to f**k off," he says in all seriousness before bursting into laughter.

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Blaming LeBlanc, Conan concludes, "That's why we're at war with England."

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