'The 100' Sneak Peek: The Gang MacGyvers Their Way Out of Mount Weather!

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Is Mount Weather escapable?

The CW’s post-apocalyptic drama, recently renewed for a third season, returns with Jasper (Devon Bostick), Monty (Christopher Larkin), Maya (Eve Harlow) and the gang hatching a plan to get help from outside the impenetrable walls of Mount Weather.

The desperate move comes after Harper (Chelsey Reist) is captured for an unapproved bone marrow transplant, as it’s believed that the blood of the 47 will help the other 300 Mount Weather residents live comfortably on the surface.

It’s only when Monty begins listing the obstacles facing them, as seen in ETonline’s exclusive first look at this Wednesday’s winter premiere, that the group begins to realize this plan may be 99.9 percent impossible. What exactly do they have to do? Oh, just get through two feet of wall, hack into the mainframe and somehow get the guards’ schedules, copper wire, a few walkie talkies and a hammer – a big one. You know, easy stuff.

Even more devastating is the fact that the crew isn't aware of the changes above ground, including Finn's emotional death. We can only imagine how difficult that moment will be when they do find out.

Following the winter finale (R.I.P. Finn) executive producer Jason Rothenberg gave us a glimpse at the difficult road ahead.

“[Finn’s death is] not going to go away,” Rothenberg explained to ETonline in December of Clarke’s journey. “It’s going to change her and it’s going to haunt her forever. She will never be the same. She will not be bouncing back from this being able to pretend that this didn't happen, and the show is not going to let her.”

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The 100 returns Wednesday at 9 p.m. on The CW.