Bravo Star Greg Plitt Didn't Have Permission to Film on Tracks at Time of Death


New details have emerged following the unexpected death of Greg Plitt, the 37-year-old reality TV star, who first became popular on Bravo’s Work Out and was one of the stars of the network’s dating docu-series, Friends to Lovers.

Plitt did not have permission to film on the railroad tracks where he was struck and killed by a Metrolink commuter train last Saturday, officials said.

NEWS: Fitness Model Greg Plitt Struck and Killed By Train

While it is still unclear what Plitt was filming at the time of his death, he was with a two-man film crew reportedly performing a Superman stunt pegged to the line "stronger than a locomotive." The Burbank police confirmed that they seized a camera as evidence in the investigation of his death, which was ruled an accident.

Friends of Plitt have started speaking to the press about the accident and remembering his life. Longtime friend, Warren Coulter, told the Associated Press that "it was just a freaky moment where something got out of control." He said the entire incident was a mistake and that Plitt misjudged the situation and tripped on the tracks.

Brian Peeler, one of Plitt’s co-stars on Work Out, told The Insider that Plitt was filming a protein commercial and that a friend, Mark, was on scene at the time of the filming.

NEWS: More Details Surface About Death of Greg Plitt

As new details emerge, Bravo is making no plans to alter or reschedule Plitt’s current show, Friends to Lovers, which debuted on Jan. 12.

"This is a terrible tragedy. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy are with Greg's family and friends at this extremely difficult time," a Bravo spokesperson said via email.

"Greg lived a life of service to others for his whole life," Plitt’s friend and co-star Melanie Marden told The Insider. "He lived for everybody else right up until the last minute. He was an incredible man. I would say rest in peace but anybody who knows Greg knows he didn't rest so I’ll just say I hope they have skydiving in heaven because that was his favorite thing to do."