Watch Anne Hathaway Laugh Uncontrollably with Jon Stewart

Anne Hathaway just can't stop giggling!!

Anne Hathaway
just can’t stop giggling!!

This is a very different Anne then we’re all used to seeing in interviews.

The actress, who usually is very composed when promoting her films, was unable to contain herself during an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. When she went on to promote her new film, Song One, she and Jon broke into uncontrollable laughter just minutes into the discussion of the plot.

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Though, the timing couldn't have been worse. It came right after the 32 year-old explained how her character’s brother gets hit by a car and is in a coma after they haven’t spoken for six months.

The audience, initially caught off-guard, weren't quite sure what to do. But eventually everyone was in giggle fits when the laughter became too infectious.

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Watch the above video to see the hilarious moments between Anne and Jon!

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