16 Reasons Amy Poehler Is the Most Inspirational, Badass, Awesome Lady Ever

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Amy Poehler
is awesome. How awesome is she? Awesome enough to snag the No. 5 spot on Tumblr's new Fandometrics, which measures which celeb users are Tumbling, writing and GIF-ing about the most!

So let's break down why she deserves her high ranking...

1. She gave us Leslie Knope, who is one of the greatest characters on TV.

2. And used Parks and Recreation to show that it’s awesome to have best girlfriends and tell your best girlfriends all the time how awesome they are. And we love that message!

3. Her own best friendship with Tina Fey is, because there’s no other word to accurately describes it we're going to reuse this word: awesome.

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4. And for all the wonderful works of art they’ve given us together.

Mean Girls
! Baby Mama! Our next favorite movie, Sisters!

5. And for the one thing they haven’t given us but we really want to see:

6. She embraces and helps nurture young female comedians, like Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.

7. And helped bring Broad City to TV, which is the best show and if you’re not watching it yet, what are you even doing?!

(Amy guest starred once, but we need her to guest star again and again and keep popping up as different characters every season, like Rachel Dratch did on 30 Rock.)

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8. She gives wonderful advice in her Smart Girl series, where girls write in with questions and Amy says insightful things like this, about apologizing:

9. And this, about being happy for other peoples’ success:

10. And this, about how to make new friends:

11. She is all about staying optimistic and positive.

12. But not at the expense of your own happiness.

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13. And she’s not afraid to speak her mind and topple the patriarchy.

14. Hey men, you got told. (But not in a mean way, just an honest way.)

15. Like, a reeeeal honest way.

(Warning: This next advice isn’t for the prudish of heart. It’s a little NSFW.)

16. And because she inspires us all to be awesome and embrace our inner Amy Poehler-ness.

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