'Arrow': Is Laurel in Over Her Head? Katie Cassidy on 'Jaw-Dropping' Canary Twists!


Black Canary is here and she’s taking names!

Katie Cassidy
swings into action in tonight’s all-new Arrow as Starling City’s latest crime-fighting crusader – but be warned, her debut isn’t exactly the stuff of lore. Driven by her quest to seek revenge for her sister’s death, Laurel’s sloppy rookie mistakes create more problems than solutions, and it’s an unlikely friend who may be her sole savior.

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Without Oliver Queen in the mix, is Laurel in over her head as Black Canary? Cassidy caught up with ETonline to dish on what’s to come – plus, scoop on the upcoming “Canaries” reunion!

ETonline: You had such a dramatic entrance at the end of last week’s episode! Is that a preview of what’s to come for Black Canary?

Katie Cassidy:
Yeah absolutely! We saw Black Canary at the end of the last episode and I definitely think that’s an introduction to her three-part arc in the next coming weeks – [from] avenging her sister’s death to honoring her sister and becoming her sister, but with her own take on it. She has a ton of drive and heart and she’s a fighter, a go-getter.


ETonline: How do the team – Felicity, Roy and Diggle – first react to Black Canary?

At first, “Team Arrow” doesn’t necessarily respond to it very well but eventually, Roy will start to see that Laurel actually has it in her to go out on the streets and to fight, and that she’s choosing to do this for her sister and for the city and that she means well. He begins to support her.

ETonline: Colton Haynes told us that Roy is the first one to be on Laurel’s side as she transitions to her Canary role. Sounds like their partnership progresses on a more serious level?

Cassidy: Yeah, it absolutely will – just with Laurel being involved in Team Arrow. It’s been a blast and I’m having the best time.

ETonline: Without Oliver there to lead, do you see this as Laurel’s time to shine, both as the Canary and as Starling’s Assistant D.A.?

With Oliver being gone, it is her time and it is Team Arrow’s time to rise above and take over the mantle and to do what the Arrow has shown he can do on his own. Him being gone, it’s definitely time where all these characters get to step up to the plate to show the best of themselves. I’m really excited for it to air these next few weeks because it’s an interesting perspective, especially for my character because I haven’t been in the lair and the foundry that often. It’s a different layer.

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ETonline: Perhaps the circumstances played a role, but it seemed Laurel was integrated pretty seamlessly onto the team. Is that a fair statement?

We’ve always said when Laurel puts on the suit does she become the Black Canary? Just because she puts on the suit right away doesn’t mean she’s any good. She has a lot of heart and a lot of drive and a lot of reason, but she’s going to need professional training. She’s had some – her father being a cop and she’s taken boxing lessons – but I’m sure they’re going to call her out on it because she’s out there being sloppy, but she’s doing good. It’ll be a nice evolution.

ETonline: Does Laurel find out who’s responsible for Sara’s death? Does it complicate matters that Thea is the one who fired the fatal arrow?

Yes, Laurel will discover who killed her sister but her reaction to it is going to be really intriguing and interesting for the audience. I don’t think you’ll necessarily think that she would react that way. But yes, in an upcoming episode she will find out, and I won’t tell you how she reacts!

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ETonline: Looking ahead a few weeks, Caity Lotz is back in “Canaries”! At this moment, Laurel is feeling the effects of vertigo and having hallucinations about her sister. What is that experience like for her and do we learn anything illuminating?

It’s a big wake-up call for her. I was so excited to have Caity Lotz back, she’s a wonderful actress and a great person, and you’ll get to see the Canaries in action. I think people are going to be excited and thrilled. It’s kind of jaw-dropping – I remember reading the episode [script] and going “Holy shit! This is crazy!” (Laughs.) This is one of my personal favorites thus far, and it was a blast to shoot. I’m looking forward to more.

Tonline: Jaw-dropping in what way?

: Action-packed. You have to expect the unexpected. Our writers have really honed in on that and there are a lot of twists and turns that the audience doesn’t expect to happen. I believe that we deliver them and build on them in the right way.

ETonline: When Oliver does return to the fold, how much of a culture shock is it for him when it comes to the team?

Oh, everything’s shifted. I can’t tell you that, you’ve got to watch!

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