Former Contestant Slams 'The Biggest Loser,' Others Stand By Show

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Suzanne Mendonca of The Biggest Loser's second season visited the ET set to air her grievances about the show, but not everyone agrees with her sentiments.

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"I gained 130 pounds back," Suzanne told ET's Nancy O'Dell. "It's awful -- embarrassing. I feel ashamed. However, from being on the show there was no way I was going to keep that weight off ... There's so many unhealthy things they do on the show that are not sustainable in real life."

Suzanne says she ate baby food and wore garbage bags to sweat more while working out in order to shed the pounds while on the show.

Season 11 winner Olivia Ward, who has kept the weight off, had a different story, saying, "We didn't even have access to those things in our season."

"They do give you all the tools that you need plus you have phone numbers galore, and it's your responsibility to reach out if you feel like you're sinking," Olivia said. "Everybody that's on The Biggest Loser is an adult. You are given a calorie count. Mine was 1304. I was given that from a doctor, and I adhered to that because that was the medical advice and direction that I was given."

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Suzanne also claims that the show isn't totally honest about what you see on TV.

"It is a fake scale that you weigh-in on," Suzanne said. "They have the scale on TV. When the contestants step on the scale they don't even know their real weight and how much they dropped. You're weighed two days prior to a real weigh-in that's taped on TV."

Jay Jacobs, who competed alongside Olivia on Season 11, told us Suzanne's claim of false scales doesn't ring true for him.

"Every single time that we were weighed in, there were witnesses and it was recorded," Jay said. "That was every single time, so that's not true."

Jay also managed to keep the weight off and is grateful to the show.

"It was really an opportunity for me to learn what I needed to do to be successful when i got home," Jay said.

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Watch the video for more. The Biggest Loser season finale airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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