Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Photobomb Unsuspecting Super Bowl Fans, Hilarity Ensues


There were many stars shining bright on Super Bowl night -- and we don’t just mean “The More You Know” star Katy Perry flew in on. There was Missy Elliott, who was generous enough to let Katy join her halftime show. There was the dancing shark who didn’t actually know the dance but was hot anyway. And there were the true stars of the Super Bowl: No. 1 New England Patriots fan and reigning Captain America, Chris Evans, and No. 1 Seattle Seahawks fan and outlaw known as Star-Lord, Chris Pratt.

Not only did they wager the most heartwarming bet ever on the game, but they made time to photobomb some unsuspecting fans with Jimmy Fallon before kickoff. It starts out with pretty standard photobombing...


Then escalated from there...


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And somehow ends with Chris Pratt's pants full of lunchmeat.


Classic Chris Pratt. Watch all their photobombing shenanigans now:

If we have one suggestion, Mr. Fallon: The best part of photobombing is when the bombée discovers they’ve been bombed. So where are the reaction shots? We want to watch how the people react when they see Chris Pratt with a hoagie hanging out of his fly in their photo.

Meanwhile, here’s what the Chrises had to say about their sweet Super Bowl bet and why everyone’s a winner: