Kerry Washington Opens Up About Motherhood: 'My Heart Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger'

The actress talked to ET about some of the show's seriously surprising upcoming twists.

is getting wilder by the episode. But let’s not forget that star Kerry Washington is also a new mom to her 8-month-old daughter Isabelle with her husband Nnamdi Asomugha.

Lucky for Kerry, she gets to bring her baby girl to work.

"I'm really blessed because my daughter gets to be at work with me a lot so that’s really fun and wonderful. Everybody at work really likes it," the notoriously private actress shared with ET’s Kevin Frazier Tuesday night at the launch for The Limited Collection Inspired by Scandal’s spring line. "She brings a lot of joy wherever she is so it's fun to have her around."

However, as we all know, things can get very (like, really) racy on Scandal. So, what does Kerry do with Isabelle when she’s filming those scenes?

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"I'm pretty picky about when she's allowed on set,” the 38-year-old star admitted. "I go back to the trailer when I can. Sometimes she comes to visit on set but certain scenes, as you might be able to imagine, she is not allowed."

As for how motherhood has changed the actress, Kerry gushed, "The thing that has changed the most about me since I became a mom is that my heart keeps getting bigger and bigger."

But let's get to those Scandal spoilers! Washington, who plays political crisis manager Olivia Pope, teased some seriously wild upcoming twists.

"There's something I just read at the table read yesterday that spins the whole 'man' thing on its head. It's like the game has changed in a big way," Kerry responded, with a knowing smile, to a question about Olivia balancing all her men, including Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Jake (Scott Foley). "I'll tell you, everybody's jaw dropped a little bit. It was very unexpected."

The actress also opened up about some of the show's more salacious sex scenes, saying that even though the moments are steamy, the show leaves much to the imagination.

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"We try to be really tasteful," Washington explained. "Also I think it's like when you read a great book. The more that lives in your imagination, the more it belongs to you, the more you can see yourself in that situation."

"And I think a lot of women want to see themselves in those situations," she added, laughing.

Check out the video for more Scandal secrets from the stunning star, and hear how she deals with bringing her baby daughter onto the set of such a scandalous show.