'Empire' Episode 5 Recap: Winners, Losers, and Cookie's Best Line


'The name's Cookie, ask about me!'

On the latest episode of Empire, Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) got down on one knee, Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) went on the lam, and one Lyon brother sent goons with guns to break up another’s studio session.

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Check out the winners, losers and best lines from "Dangerous Bonds."



Andre Lyon
He might be evil genius, but in terms of taking over the Empire, the eldest Lyon son took a giant step forward tonight by finally pitting his brothers against each other in a real way. His Lady Macbeth of a wife might have masterminded the Tiana video leak, but it was Andre (Trai Byers) who came up with the real wedge to drive between his younger siblings: making Jamal (Jussie Smollett) think Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) ordered the armed robbery during his studio session.

Honorable Mentions:

Anika - THAT RING. 18 karats of Empire money comes at a price (as her father finds out), but still. THAT RING.

Tiana - The up-and-comer’s star continues to rise, and unsurprisingly, Lucious isn’t at all threatened or deterred by the reveal of the singer’s same-sex relationship like he was with Jamal’s. In fact, both he and Cookie see it as a selling point.

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The queen was able to handle her empire, even while on the lam, for most of the episode, but everything came crashing down at the end when Lucious admitted that he left the red rose on her doorstep, NOT the hitman for the drug dealer that Cookie testified against. But it was too late for her to call off the hit and this misguided action will most definitely have serious implications for Cookie’s personal and professional life.

Honorable Mentions:

Anika’s Dad - Poor guy finally warms up to his daughter’s fiance only to have him ask to commit medical fraud.

That Studio Engineer
- Andre claimed that Hakeem’s goons were soft and no one would even pull a gun, but this unlucky musician got a bullet in his arm for his troubles.

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"I’ve gotta find the money to finance my own demise." -Andre, lamenting his father’s orders before he figures out his master plan.

"We got all types of special effects, like Avatar and the Hobbit." - Hakeem, showing his friends the green screen effects on the “Drip Drop” music video set.


"You got a side piece too." -Tiana, having none of Hakeem’s jealous judgement.

"Girl please, your kids ain’t real, they rich." -Cookie’s sister being less than sympathetic to her current troubles.

"Your girlfriend has a girlfriend. Add that up. Two girlfriends. It’s a mathematicians’ dream!" - Lucious Lyon, being bad at both math and relationships.


"Don’t bring it back to the boogie down!" - The head of Ghetto Ass Studios knows how to take care of business.

"You always come to me for advice, I’m gonna give you some: Don’t ever underestimate me little brother." -Jamal, dealing little brother Hakeem a physical and verbal gut punch.

"It’s almost morning and even vampires have manners."
"Did I wake you up from your coffin?"
-Cookie and Lucious, still bringing it with the banter.



"You Can Keep Your Money"

"Drip Drop" is a hot beat, but we're so glad we finally got to hear more of the song Jamal was inspired to write in last week's episode. The middle Lyon son's ability to harness the talent of the raw last-minute replacement musicians proves that at the very least, he’s got the chops to run the Empire.


"The name’s Cookie, ask about me!"


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