Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman Meets One Inspiring Teen

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He may not have walked away with a Super Bowl champion, but Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman is using his celebrity to help combat bullying.

In a clip from NFL Characters Unite, an annual documentary featuring some of the NFL's biggest players and their efforts to encourage respect and acceptance among teens facing adversity, Sherman meets Tevin, a teen struggling to stay on the right path.

grew up in Compton, Calif., and says he saw a lot of himself in Tevin, who also had a difficult upbringing. "There's not a lot of means to a lot of incomes," the cornerback explains. "You don't know that things get better than this."

Tevin, who lost both his parents to AIDS and is now being raised by his 24-year-old sister found that the other kids in the neighborhood picked on him for not following them to the streets.

"There's no reason to bully anyone," Sherman says. "To make fun of anyone for doing the right the thing is incredibly bad."

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At the Seahawks training facility, Sherman gives Tevin some valuable piece of advice.
"I just worked hard and got my grades together and made sure I stayed in school," he tells Tevin. "You can't ever get what you want if you don't work hard [for it]."

NFL Characters Unite
is produced by Charlie Ebersol (Britney Spear's current beau) and features current NFL players sharing their stories of overcoming their own personal challenges, while connecting with kids who are facing similar issues to help them tackle these obstacles.

The documentary premieres on USA on Friday at 7 p.m. ET/PT.