'Family Feud' Contestant Gives the Most Inappropriate, Horrible, Hilarious Answer


There are only two reasons to watch game shows: 1. To point out how well you would do if you were on one. 2. For all the hilariously bad answers. Because for every epic correct answer, there are dozens of horrible answers (like here and here and here).

This falls into the latter. The question on Family Feud was, “Name something a doctor would pull out of a person.” And Darci’s answer is...

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If you need an instant replay, yes, she really did just say that:

We know where you heard it, Darci: Forever ago, there was an urban legend that Richard Gere was admitted to the hospital because he stuck a gerbil up his, uh, you know. How the rumor got started (Sylvester Stalone once said he thinks Gere thinks he started it, but “not true”) or why (Gere once told Metro the “infamous” “urban myth” is “crazy”), but it’s become a weird, whispered footnote in Gere’s legacy that’s all but forgotten. Well, until now.

Poor Richard Gere. Poor Darci. Poor gerbils.

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