13 Lingering Questions About the 'SNL 40' Anniversary Special


On Sunday, NBC celebrated 40 years of Saturday Night Live with a star-studded, three and a half hour special. Among the highlights was the return of old cast members, a female-driven Weekend Update, and that make out session between Betty White and Bradley Cooper.

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Yet, we were left with a few lingering questions about the night.

1. How did Steven Spielberg, Taylor Swift, and Sarah Palin end up sitting next to each other?

2. And what did the three of them talk – or not talk – about?

3. What was up with Michael Douglas’ face?

4. And how did Tish Cyrus, Miley’s mother, end up with a better seat than the Douglas family?

5. How did both Kenan Thompson and Bill Hader end up making three character appearances but so many other beloved past and present cast members didn’t even make one?

6. Why was Cecily Strong left out of the female-driven Weekend Update?

7. And can any one of them (or all of them) host The Daily Show?

8. Was Norm MacDonald drunk during his introduction of original Weekend Update host, Chevy Chase?

9. So Eddie Murphy returns for the first time in 30 years to do what exactly? (He said a few things, (unsuccessfully) tried to throw to commercial, and fell very flat following Chris Rock's charming set up.) 

10. Why weren’t Bradley Cooper’s jorts shorter?

11. What was up with Kanye West’s blue contacts? (Were we the only ones freaked out?)

12. Did we really need all the Kanye references?

13. Where exactly was Brian Williams? (It was seriously the question of the night.)

And when you're satisfied with whatever answers you come up with, watch as generations of SNL cast members reflect on their favorite sketches.