Watch Kelly Ripa Bust a Move on '80s Dance Show!


No one has ever looked more '80s than Kelly Ripa on this Philadelphia dance show.

The daytime talk show host was surprised to see a throwback video of herself when she showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

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The late-night show dug up some footage of Ripa -- with her big hair and turtleneck tank top -- both dancing and being interviewed about her dating rules. When asked if she thinks the guy should pay on a date, a young Ripa answers, "I think if a guy wants to pay, he can pay, but they should alternate."

Kimmel is quick to point out that Ripa had a "very progressive" point of view, even back then. "And by the way, that wasn't a perm, I did that to my own hair," Ripa brags.

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Up next, the hosts watched Ripa break it down on the dance floor, and they were both quite impressed. "Look at my dancing!" Ripa reacts. "Am I wearing socks?! ...I guess I thought I was Madonna even in the '80s."

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