Jimmy Kimmel Teaches Hollywood's Biggest Stars How To Act


Every year, Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars special features some of the biggest guest stars in Hollywood. Following the 87th Annual Academy Awards, a few celebrated names in the movie industry got acting lessons from the late-night host, who's apparently the greatest thespian of them all.

In the two-part sketch "The Kimmel School of Perfect Acting," Jimmy teaches stars including Eddie Redmayne, Gary Oldman, Lupita Nyong'o, Susan Sarandon, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Mila Kunis and Benedict Cumberbatch (to name a few) how to truly master the craft of acting.

Decked out in an all-black ensemble and way-too-big sunglasses, Jimmy's interpretation of a pretentious theater teacher is spot on. Once he layers on the meanness and insults, he has the perfect comedic recipe.

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"His methods, they may seem quite controversial to some folks," says Oscar winner Jeff Bridges. "But let me tell you, when someone lights your script on fire and duct tapes it to your hands, you're going to find a way to say your lines."

Highlights include: Jimmy insulting Kristen Bell by calling her a tiny "Muppet baby," convincing Sean Penn to have sex with a camcorder and using Matt Damon like a chair.

Another great bit from the JKL Oscars special was the "Lie Witness News" segment where people off the street were asked questions about the big movies of the year ...only with false claims about the films. 

That's not all! Check out the amazing live performance of "Everything Is Awesome," below.

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