Chris Soules Reveals He's Found Love on 'The Bachelor', Calls Out the 'Crazy' Girls

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He had to sift through a lot of questionable women, but Chris Soules has met his match!

The Bachelor
star revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that he did manage to find love on the ABC show, despite being paired up with, as Ellen calls them, "crazy" women.

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"Now that you're watching it, you can see how crazy they were, right?" the host asks. "Yeah," the 33-year-old handsome Iowa native admits.

Ellen has to ask about The Bachelor contestant Kelsey Poe, who shared her tragic story about becoming a widow with Chris just moments before she started making out with him. "You know, things sort of develop and I got this feeling that she wasn't being really… balanced."

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Clearly a fan of the show, Ellen reacts, "I mean she told you a story -- and this is a terrible story, she lost her husband -- but the way she told the story, she was using it. And then she started making out with you right after she tells you she lost her husband."

"That was hard. That was a hard kiss. I mean that was a hard thing to hear," Chris recalls. "I was gonna give her a hug, actually."

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Needless to say, Chris didn't choose Kelsey but he did choose somebody. Watch Ellen press The Bachelor to spill some details on who gets the final rose before she makes her own predictions.

Who do you think Chris will pick?

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