'Sons of Anarchy' Extra: Charlie Hunnam Almost Got One of Jax's Tattoos in Real Life!

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Sons of Anarchy may be no more, but you can relive Jax Teller’s tragic journey with the complete series set!

Available on Tuesday, the seven-season collector’s edition -- as well as the final season set -- is the perfect keepsake for the diehard SoA fan. In one of the DVD extras, exclusively on ETonline, SoA star Charlie Hunnam explains the emotional backstory behind one of Jax’s tattoos commemorating his father John Teller.

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“I wanted to have some kind of memorial to [his] father, John Teller, because in the show that character – although you never get to meet him – is a huge, important character on the show and a huge part of Jax’s life and journey,” Hunnam says in the DVD extra, revealing that he wanted the tattoo “to be a memorial around a tombstone.”

It was through a chance encounter with a biker, Hunnam explains, that inspired the tattoo’s design -- a sentimental favorite for the 34-year-old actor. The biker -- a very “famous” one, the actor adds -- had similar ink.

As the series went on and more of Jax’s biker buddies died, Hunnam revealed that he had plans to add small nods to Jax’s fallen brothers, such as Opie’s name, to the existing tattoo.

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There was a brief moment when the Brit considered getting the tattoo permanently on his arm. “At the early part of the show, I actually thought maybe I would have it tattooed on me,” he says. “Thankfully my girlfriend convinced me that that would not be a good idea.”

“I love the image of it and would happily have it on my arm, but it’s just a pain in the ass getting tattoos covered for work,” Hunnam admits.

Sons of Anarchy
’s seventh season DVD/Blu-ray and the limited edition complete box set hits stores Tuesday, Feb. 24.