14 Recurring Characters We Love on 'Parks and Rec'

From Li'l Sebastian to Jean Ralphio, we're bidding farewell to our favorite recurring characters.

As Parks and Recreation takes its final bow, we’re also saying a tearful goodbye to the Pawnee residents who shaped the town and gave the series a special place in our hearts.

As much as we adore Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), some of our most beloved moments, (and favorite one-liners) in the series came from the eccentrically quirky minor characters. From Li'l Sebastian to Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz), we’re breaking down our favorite recurring characters on Parks and Rec -- in no particular order.

1. Bobby Newport

The adorably dim-witted son of the Sweetums empire, Bobby -- played by Paul Rudd -- was first introduced as Leslie’s opponent for City Council. His charming and naive strategy on the campaign trail almost cost Leslie the election.

2. Dennis Feinstein

Dennis Feinstein (Jason Mantzoukas), “whose real name is Dante Fiero but he changed it because Dennis Feinstein is more exotic in Pawnee,” is the head honcho of perfumery. Tom once idolized him, but he’s a total jerk who wanted to lit'rally hunt Tom down at one point.

3. Mona-Lisa Saperstein

Mona Lisa Saperstein (Jenny Slate) has said it herself, she’s the worst. Jean-Ralphio’s twin sister once dated Tom and was even employed by him -- but for obvious reasons, neither worked out.

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4. Jessica Wicks

Jessica Wicks (Susan Yeagley), Miss Pawnee 1994, is the heiress to Sweetums fortune after her late-husband Nick Newport passed away. She’s a gold-digger, and doesn’t really care about anything accept money.

5. Councilman Jamm

Orthodonist and Councilman Jeremy Jamm (Jon Glaser), is pretty much the villain of the series, set on countering each of Leslie’s causes with his signature phrase, “you just got Jammed.”

6. Marcia and Marshall Langman

Marcia Langman (Darlene Hunt) and her husband Marshall (Todd Sherry) are the town’s morality
watchdogs – and Marshall is very… vivacious.

7. Harris and Brett

Harris (Harris Wittels) and Brett (Colton Dunn), are what Leslie describes as "burnt-out morons." The two were employed by Pawnee Animal Control, until an incident with a bear trap led Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe) to fire them. Harris was played by co-executive producer Harris Wittels, who sadly lost his life Feb. 19.

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8. Orin

Orin (Eric Isenhower) is April’s intense and creepy friend who frightens essentially everyone in the City of Pawnee. Leslie's blatant distaste for Orin makes him an instant fan-favorite.

9. Jennifer Barkley

Political mastermind Jennifer Barkley (Kathryn Hahn) hailed from Washington D.C. to help Bobby Newport win the election for City Council. Sure, she hates Pawnee, but we applaud her wits and political savvy.

10. Perd Hapley

Call us Perd-verts! We could listen to awkwardly spoken news anchor Perd Hapley (Jay Jackson) for hours on end.

11. Tammy 2

Ron's ex-wife Tammy Swanson (Megan Mullally) knows Ron's weaknesses and how to destroy him. The “book-pedaling she-demon” likes to pop in from time to time to make sure Ron’s life is a living hell. Honestly, she’s just on this list because we fear her.

12. Joan Callamezzo

"Legendary newswoman" Joan Callamezzo (Mo Collins) is the tastemaker-turned-trainwreck of Pawnee, Indiana. She's currently promoting her latest memoir, Game of Joans.

13. Li'l Sebastian

The world famous Li'l Sebastian trotted into Pawnee and stole our hearts forever. Years after his passing, we’ll never forget our favorite mini-horse.

14. Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

Perhaps our favorite recurring character and worst influence is Tom Haverford’s BFF, Jean Ralphio. From his stories of house arrest, homelessness, car accidents, and parties – we’re going to be sure to stay away from drinking Snake Juice with that guy.

Who is your favorite Parks and Rec character? Let us know in the comments below – and watch this video for our favorite moments from our favorite recurring characters.

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