'Broke Ass Game Show' Is the Funniest Show You're Not Watching

The hilarious hosts of MTV's 'Broke Ass Game Show' stopped by ET to show us what their new show is all about.

Broke A$$ Game Show is the newest comedy game show you should be watching!

Hosts Derek Gaines and David Magidoff stopped by ET to bring laughs and show us what their new show is all about.

The new game show has the hosts hitting the streets of New York in this new spin on the classic game show, attracting random contestants to take part in the fun, yet sometimes twisted games that push personal limits – all in the name of some cold hard cash.

"This is the most comical sociology project I have ever been in," said Gaines. "Everybody has a price, and we found that out in a lot of ways."

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The hosts' strategy of ambushing people on the street in the fast-paced environment has even gotten them into a little bit of trouble – like when they set up a metal detector on the upper east side for their Broke Ass game, Mental Detector.

"Because of the nature of the upper east side, it's not a very Broke A$$ community," said Magidoff. "There was literally a woman who's like, 'I'm shutting this down! I'm calling the cops! I'm taking photos! You're done! You're done! You're out of here!'"

But on a positive note, the winners always walked away with cash in hand.

"That's why it's not a mean spirited prank show," said Magidoff. "There's three people that host the show and that's Derek, David and New York -- and I think that's really fun."

David and Derek even brought a little sample of the Broke A$$ Game Show to ET, turning our ETonline hosts into game show contestants – watch this video to see!

Broke A$$ Game Show airs Thursday nights at 11 p.m. on MTV.