7 '90s Kids Cartoons We'd Like to Reboot


On the heels of Disney XD's DuckTales revival, and Netflix bringing back Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse, we started thinking about other cartoons that could be due for a reboot.

NEWS: DuckTales is Coming Back to TV!

Here's seven animated series we're starting to feel nostalgia for that could give joy to a new generation.

1. Darkwing Duck: The feel of the show isn't that far away from Inspector Gadget, and who doesn't like a masked superhero?

2. Rocko's Modern Life: The humor of this show was pretty sophisticated for a cartoon, giving it an appeal to kids and parents alike.

3. Dexter's Laboratory: If The Powerpuff Girls could get a reboot, surely we should get the chance to see Dexter back in his lab. The brother-sister/odd couple comedy duo of a mad scientist child and his annoying sister Dee Dee is one of the best of all time.

4. Johnny Bravo: Imagine Anchorman's Ron Burgundy if he never got an anchor job, then add a whole lot of muscle and some sweet karate moves and "Wooooaaah Mama!" you got Johnny Bravo. The middle-aged man who lives with his mom is full of bravado, and who doesn't love a man with confidence?

5. Doug: All things considered, this was probably the best cartoon of the '90s. The series' anxiety-ridden leading man would just need two updates to fit into the 21st century -- trade in the vest for a v-neck and the journal for a blog.

6. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: All things considered, this was probably the weirdest cartoon of the '90s, but animation company Klasky Csupo may have seen a trend coming, as the success of Pixar's Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University was soon to follow.

7. TaleSpin: Here's the pitch: Baloo from The Jungle Book charters a plane in the Pacific Islands in the 1930s. In hindsight, it sounds a little out there, but it worked.