7 Reasons We're Excited 'House of Cards' Is Back for Seasons 3!

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It's time to stock up on your favorite snacks and hunker down for a weekend-long binge-watching session of House of Card’s third season. The latest 13 episodes of the searing political drama hit Netflix on Friday and before you go completely off-the-grid, here are seven reasons we are so excited the Underwoods are back!

7. It's Frank Underwood's world and we're just living in it.

Frank (Kevin Spacey) is Washington's most formidable power broker and exercises it at all costs. He's as charming as he is conniving and will stop at nothing to get his way (even if that means murder). As backstabbing and power hungry as he is, we just can't get enough of him.

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6. The Underwoods are heading to the White House!

Brace yourself because every ruthless step has led Frank and Claire (Robin Wright) to exactly where they've always wanted to be: the White House. But what happens now that Frank is the leader of the free world? Time will tell but know this: no one is safe.

5. Step aside, Jackie O.

As thrilling as it is that Frank has maneuvered himself right into the Oval Office, it's even more exciting that he's got Claire by his side as first lady. Not one to sit in idle, Claire is the ultimate partner in crime (literally) and a total badass. If she doesn't kill you with her glares or her words, she'll slay you with her outfits.

4. Tensions rise between the first couple.

Together, Frank and Claire are a force to be reckoned with. The cracks in their seemingly rock solid marriage began to show in the last two seasons, but now the couple seem to be distancing themselves from one another more than ever. "I'm starting to question all of it Francis," Claire says in the season three trailer. "What are we doing this for?" Can they survive without each other?

3. Breaking down the fourth wall.

The biggest motif of the series is Frank breaking down the fourth wall and addressing the audience. He brings us along for every conniving step he takes and we become an accomplice to his exploits as much as Claire is. Plus, Spacey's intense delivery gives us so many feels.

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2. The politics of it all.

Spacey and Wright sizzle on screen but the other star of the show is Washington D.C. Just when the action may be heading towards borderline soap opera, it hits us with the heavy politics. Is it an authentic glimpse into the underworld of our Nation's capital? Maybe not, but it's damn fun to watch.

1. Binge-watching at its best.

House Of Cards
capitalizes on the nature of full season streaming and builds the plot episode to episode, leaving us wanting more. Thankfully for every jaw dropping moment, there is already another episode queued up. Happy binge-watching!

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