'How to Get Away With Murder' Finale: The Killer Revealed and 4 More Shocking Moments


Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead!

How to Get Away With Murder
wrapped up its first season in thrilling fashion, finally revealing who killed Lila Stangard, thus setting the events of the whole season in motion, as well as setting up a whole new whodunnit for the second season of the Shonda Rhimes-produced drama, which will premiere in the fall.

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Read on to find out the killer's identity and four more shocking reveals from the HTGAWM finale.

Looks like Frank’s a "hitman" after all. After the episode seemed to be pointing at either the too-obvious Rebecca or Sam Keating's other mistress Bonnie as the answer to the first season’s big whodunnit, it turned out it was Annalise’s other associate Frank who offed pregnant sorority girl Lila, because he owed Sam a favor.

Laurel and Mikayla meet at the bar to have drinks while worrying about their fate after Rebecca escapes from captivity in Annalise’s basement and Laurel reveals that she had Michaela’s massive engagement ring all along. She kept it so Michaela would fear being linked to Sam’s murder and would keep quiet about the group’s involvement.

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It turned out Wes was right to suspect Rebecca of at least one thing: she admitted to drugging her neighbor Rudy to prevent him from talking to the cops. His bloody ecstasy-induced breakdown was one of the finale’s more disturbing moments.

The biggest shocker we didn’t see coming at all -- and totally unrelated to the show’s main case -- were the results of the HIV test that Connor and Oliver took together before taking their next step as a couple. Turns out it wasn’t former playboy Connor who had to worry about his test results, but Oliver who is HIV-positive.

After we learned that Frank killed one college-aged girl, Annalise met him in the basement to ask if he was also responsible for the death of another. The camera moved behind the basement stairs and we learn that Rebecca didn’t really escape the basement after all. Frank and Annalise both claim to be ignorant as to the killer’s identity; Frank even says he's "not that guy." What’s to come in season two now that we know that he is?

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