Is 'Empire' Taking Its Music on Tour? (Please Be True!)


Move over 'Glee', there's a new unstoppable music show in town.

Imagine Empire’s Jamal and Hakeem Lyon trading rhymes on stage. Or better yet, Cookie, clad in a fabulous animal print, skin-tight number purring in front of a live audience.

It could happen… seriously!

Why Cookie of 'Empire' Is the Queen of Primetime

FOX is mulling the possibility of a Glee-like tour, taking the hip-hop-themed show on the road, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“We’re certainly thinking about idea of doing a live concert series,” said Dana Walden, co-chair and co-CEO of FOX Television Group.

The admission comes as she explains what’s in store for FOX's growing empire.

“We are thinking about what the future is of the brand,” she explained. “What we learned on Glee and what we tried to do on Glee is be very cognizant that the music business is the tail of this dog--the show is the thing. But we are certainly looking down the line. There’s no reason not to think of having all sorts of ancillary opportunities with this show.”

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The tease is almost too much to handle.

And considering Timbaland is the man behind the curtain, there’s no reason we can’t dream of a world where Missy Elliott drops by on stage. If she did it for Katy Perry, why not for the hit producer and the show?

Watch as the cast takes you behind the music of the show.