'Looking' Cast Reveal Whether They Have More Sex Than Their Character

Does art imitate life for the stars of the HBO series?

is well into its second season on HBO and the series has managed to overcome the expectations as the cable network's Big Gay TV Show. Instead, it offers audiences a warm and authentic glimpse into the friendships, love lives and sex lives of a group of people living in San Francisco.

Q&A: Jonathan Groff Gets Candid About Gay Sex on TV

ETonline recently caught up with the cast for a round of rapid-fire questions about the sex-filled second season and found out how their sex lives compare to those of their character on the show. Hehe. We also find out which city the cast would like to see the characters take a gaycation to and who is Team Richie or Team Kevin.

Ready, set, go!

ETonline: Who has more sex you or your character?

Jonathan Groff ("Patrick")
: Me.

Raul Castillo ("Richie")
: Hmmm... I think I have more sex than Richie.

Frankie J. Alvarez ("Agustin")
: Oh, me. Yeah come on. On the reg.

Lauren Weedman ("Doris")
: Dear God, I hope it’s me! [Both Doris and I] are kind of spitting out sand if you know what I mean. But I'm recently divorced so you get a lot of sex after divorce!

Daniel Franzese ("Eddie")
: Definitely me, I'm super love right now and you know my character is a little standoff-ish so there hasn't been much going on. I mean I had sex on the ride over here.

Who is most like their own screen character?

It's Raul. I think Raul has this sort of a laid back generosity of spirit and soulfulness that is Richie.

Oh that's an easy one that's Lauren Weedman. She's that funny in real life.

The way Doris uses her positivity and humor to stay up I think Lauren's a similar way. Just as funny as Doris is Lauren is a hoot... We all share some similarities but we also share some differences. Patrick is nowhere as secure as Jonathan Groff. But he's just as handsome.

That's Jonathan. He's super sweet and super naive and super sincere... Every person has the core of who they are.

Murray Bartlett ("Dom")
: I feel like there's parts of us as people and as actors that are brought out and sort of accentuated in the characters, but I think we’re all relatively different from our characters essentially.

There's a piece of each of us in all of them. When I got there I was like everybody is exactly how we think they are.

If you could pick any city in the world for the boys to take a gaycation to where would it be?

I would love to do a Richie/Patrick road trip. Mexico with Richie-- that would be fun."

: Let's all go to Lisbon. 

 Miami. That’s my hometown it's where Agustin's hometown too. He's the only character we haven't had a chance to explore any family dynamics yet.

  I do like the idea of going to a little more conservative areas. Some place like, 'Here comes a bus full of gays' and they'd really notice it!

I’m a huge fan of [Cairo, Egypt]. Maybe not right now but it's an incredible city. I live in New York and it strangely has a similar kind of energy to New York in that it's really frenetic and there's a lot going on.

 I've always been a fan when the facts of life went to Paris. I would love to see us all go to Spain or something really fun like that. Let's all go European with it.

Team Richie or Team Kevin?

 That's the question isn't it? It's really hard. I don't know.

 Team Richie all the way.

 Team Richie all the way. That's my Latino hermano!

 Oh team Richie. Kevin [Russell Tovey] isn't here [tonight] is he? If you don't show up you're going to get sh*t-talked.

Team Richie.

 I'm totes Team Richie. I like a nice guy and I don't like lies. I don't want no scrubs.

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