Jon Stewart Kicks WWE's Seth Rollins Where It Hurts!

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It doesn't seem fair to pit a man who's been at a desk job for nearly two decades against a professional wrestler, but The Daily Show host Jon Stewart held his own when he went up against Seth Rollins during WWE's Monday Night Raw.

This feud started after Stewart announced he was leaving his Comedy Central show, of which Rollins responded that he would "take over as host of The Daily Show for Jon Stewart and make that thing actually watchable." Referencing Rollins' nickname "Mr. Money In the Bank," the 52-year-old host fired back, "You messed with the wrong guy, and I’m coming, and that’s money in the bank my friend."

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Then this past Thursday, Rollins showed up on The Daily Show's "Moment of Zen" segment and dared Stewart to join him on Raw. He accepted and then unsuccessfully attempted to put Rollins in a headlock.

"I have something you'll never have: Respect," the 5'7" host said, using his words as a weapon on Monday night.

The 6'1" wrestler then started pushing Stewart around but got distracted when Randy Orton showed up. Stewart used the diversion to his advantage and kicked Rollins in the crotch -- or as he calls it, his trusty "left footer."

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