'Scandal' Tackles Ferguson Controversy With Episode Centered on Police Shooting


Shonda Rhimes brought Olivia Pope back in a big way on Thursday night’s Scandal, tackling the Ferguson police controversy with an episode that set fire to social media.

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In the episode, titled "The Lawn Chair," Olivia is called to the fictional D.C. suburb of Rosemead to "handle" a police slaying similar to the August 2014 killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. As in Brown's case, a young black man, Brandon Parker, is shot to death after a confrontation with a police officer.

Parker's father holds a vigil over his son's body, sitting in a lawn chair holding a shotgun, refusing to budge until justice is served. Olivia promises to help, convincing Attorney General David Rosen to subpoena security footage and discovering that the officer responsible for the shooting planted a knife on the victim after his death to make him appear to be a bigger threat.

The Scandal cast and creator Shonda Rhimes opened up on Twitter about tackling the difficult topics.

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Ultimately, Olivia was able to prove that the police officer tampered with evidence and give Brandon Parker’s father the news that his son's killer is behind bars, a "happy" ending that Rhimes admitted she struggled with.

The episode resonated across social media, sparking responses from many, including Selma director Ava DuVernay and Judy Smith, the "real life Olivia Pope."

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