President Obama Reads Mean Tweets On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'


As Jimmy Kimmel says in his latest installment of "Mean Tweets," presidents are people too. Which is why this special President Obama Edition of "Mean Tweets" is so incredibly funny, and more than a little awkward.

"From time to time, we give celebrities a chance to read some of the mean things people tweet about them," Kimmel said as he opened the segment, "And tonight, we extended that same courtesy to our commander-in-chief."

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To his credit, Obama was an exceptionally good sport, laughing at some of the criticism and even correcting some people's twitter etiquette.

@theautho Tweeted, "Somebody send Obama some lifehacks on how to be a good president. Haha. Like, I bet that would help. Lol."

To which Obama commented, "You know the lol is redundant when you have the haha?"

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Of course, the best mean tweet of all came from @campaignrpoz, who wrote, "A 30 rack of coors light is $23 now at Sun Stop. Thanks, Obama."

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