'The Flash': 18 Big Teases for the Rest of Season 1!


Who feeds the metahumans? Is time travel confusing? Does Barry run like a nerd? Scoop from the stars and producers!

If Arrow wasn’t enough, we’ve got double the dose of TV superheroes with The Flash!

The stars and producers of The CW’s runaway freshman hit graced the Dolby Theatre stage on Saturday evening to dish on what’s to come for the rest of the season and even offer hints for its sophomore run.

Leading man Grant Gustin was joined by fellow castmates including Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin and Candice Patton, along with executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti on the penultimate night of PaleyFest.

Berlanti didn't shoot down the possibility of introducing other speedsters, such as Wally West and Bart Allen, to Central City -- but it wouldn't happen this season. "That's our hope," he said. "We've already been picked up for a second year. If we were going to do something like that, we'd do it next year."

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ETonline brings you 18 highlights from the super-fun panel, including scoop on the rest of the season, hilarious cast anecdotes and secrets you’ll definitely want to know as we march toward the finale.

1. Now that we know Dr. Wells is Reverse-Flash, why has he been doing all these terrible things? “Harrison Wells is just a guy who wants to get home. I think we can all relate to that in some aspect. If a couple of people have to shuffle off to coil…,” Cavanagh said of Dr. Wells’ past transgressions. “None of them were good people anyway!”

2. Time travel begins to play a crucial role starting with the Tuesday’s The Flash, and while it’s exciting, there’s a con to it as well. “It’s starting to get confusing,” Gustin admitted. “Do I know that? Or do I not know that? Did I un-know that at some point?”

3. In episode nine, “The Man in the Yellow Suit,” we saw Reverse-Flash fighting against … Reverse-Flash? If you’ve been wondering about that curious moment, you’re in luck: an explanation is coming. “We showed you a whole bunch of things that weren’t possible,” Kreisberg said. “You’re going to get the answers to what happens in episode nine very soon – how you were able to see what you saw.”

4. A sizzle reel of future Flash episodes -- including a brief glimpse at Felicity and Ray's Central City visit -- featured one moment that made many react with a “WTF”: Eddie Thawne – who recently learned of the existence of metahumans – wielding a gun and firing it. “Eddie has an amazing arc. You guys are going to be so surprised about what’s going to happen. … Things unravel and come to fruition,” Rick Cosnett would only say as he dodged the question.

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5. Many people on The Flash know about Barry’s superhero identity … except Iris. Patton wasn’t as bothered by it as many fans seem to be. “That has to exist in this comic book story. It adds a bit of excitement and mystery,” she explained. “When that moment [of Iris finding out the truth] comes, what’s that going to be like?”

6. If you’ve been wondering who in S.T.A.R. Labs takes care of the metahumans stuck in the prison, you’ll get your answer! It’s been a running joke on set with the cast, who mentioned an unseen and unmentioned character named Gunther, who may not be the best at his job. It’s a question Martin also had, who said he’s been wondering, “Who cleans this place up?!” “An answer is coming,” Gustin assured. Added Kreisberg, “You actually see a scene of how they’re being tended to.”

7. Patton inadvertently caused some “tension” onstage when she inadvertently forgot to include Cosnett’s Eddie, Iris’ boyfriend, when talking about the men -- specifically Barry and Joe -- in Iris’ life. Oops! That prompted Cosnett to feign anger and he switched seats with Kreisberg to add some distance to Patton. But when she recovered, he seemingly forgave her, switching back to his original seat. Whew.

8. Where is Mama West? The answer is coming! “There is an amazing scene in an upcoming episode where Tom and Jesse discuss that,” Kreisberg hinted, but don’t expect significant steps forward. “We’ll deal with it more directly in more subsequent seasons,” added Berlanti.

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9. The science on The Flash isn’t really based in actual science, though the producers try to base it on factual evidence before taking creative liberties. “There’s just enough real science in it so you can believe in it,” Kreisberg said, before deadpanning: “It’s mostly B.S.”

10. Even Barry’s (or Gustin’s) running style is ripe for jokes. “You know what’s funny? Seeing Barry fun,” Martin said with a laugh. “It’s funny! Barry runs kinda nerdy.” Gustin didn’t disagree: “I run into things.”

11. S.T.A.R. Labs has Dr. Wells, aka Reverse-Flash, and Barry, aka The Flash, so will Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon get their own abilities any time soon? Though the panelists maintained that season one is all about Barry adapting to his abilities, that didn’t stop Carlos Valdes and Danielle Panabaker to drop some killer vibes. (See what I did there?) While Valdes said it may be a “later” development, Panabaker was more candid: “But for some of us, sooner rather than later …” Hmm.

12. Cisco is the one who gets to name the metahumans, but it’s not as easy of a job as one might think. “There’s definitely a sanctity to naming. … It’s a calling,” Valdes deadpanned, “one that I’m very privileged to take on, so I have to respect that.”

13. If you’re wondering about the Braille on Dr. Wells’ wall, you’re not alone. The producers admitted that that was solely a production design decision from the pilot, but we’d like to think Cavanagh’s translation will suffice: “It says, ‘We will validate your parking.’”

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14. The season finale is being written right now and Kreisberg assured that it will answer in spades everything introduced from the beginning. “All the elements in the pilot episode are going to be paid off,” he said.

15. Another pivotal Flash storyline (think Crisis on Infinite Earths) is coming your way. Kreisberg wouldn’t share specifics (obviously), but let’s assume it’ll be a game-changer. “There’s a fairly big Flash storyline in the comics that we’re going to tackle in the future.”

16. Surprisingly, Gustin hasn’t learned Barry Allen’s opening speech verbatim. “I do not have that memorized by the way,” he admitted, after a young boy recited the opening without pause.

Naturally, the cast and producers rewarded the fan with a much-deserved standing ovation. Gustin, think it's time to start memorizing!

17. “I’m the Fastest Man Alive, but not in the same way unfortunately,” a male fan proudly wearing a Flash T-shirt said. After taking a second to digest the joke, Gustin reacted like any impressed person would: with a standing ovation. We don’t have to explain it – just think about the joke for a second.

18. Gustin – a childhood Superman fan – is Team DC all the way, that much was revealed during the fan Q&A. When a male fan asked about his thoughts on Quicksilver, who has similar abilities to The Flash, Gustin said, “To be honest, I don’t know too much about Marvel’s Quicksilver.” “I like your answer,” the fan said in response. “DC!” Gustin said to cheers.

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