'iZombie': Your New Undead Obsession With a Brainy Twist!

The CW

Imagine a show that combines the undead dilemmas of The Walking Dead, the edge-of-your-seat procedurals of Criminal Minds and the witty dialogue of Veronica Mars. Sounds pretty perfect, right?

Well, then The CW’s iZombie is going to be your new newest small screen obsession! From executive producer Rob Thomas — aka the genius who brought us the cult classic Veronica Mars — comes a new series that is equal parts brainy and brilliant.

Rose McIver stars as Olivia 'Liv' Moore, an ambitious young doctor with a gorgeous fiancé and a seemingly perfect life. That is until a zombie outbreak ravages through a party and leaves her undead, and hungry for brains. (Hey don't scoff -- it could totally happen.)

ETonline had the pleasure of flying up to Vancouver to be on set of iZombie, which is based on the DC / Vertigo comic book, to find out why this show will make you go back for seconds.

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The CW

So what makes the world of iZombie different from the other flesh-crazed series out there? It features a mind-blowing twist: whenever Liv eats brains -- which is preferably paired with the hottest hot sauce available -- she absorbs some of that person's memories as well as their strongest character traits and skills.

So, for example, if Liv were to devour the brains of Kim Kardashian, our heroine would start snapping a million selfies, do a couple nude photo shoots, and maybe even start waist-training. This almost-psychic side-effect makes it very easy for Liv to assist the local police department when they're looking for leads on said-person's murderer.

"It’s funny when you get given a script and it’s like, 'Oh, Liv has eaten this brain this time and these are all the things you can do!' I never auditioned showing that I could be a concert pianist or whatever it may give me!" McIver explained to a small group of reporters in Liv's living room.

"So it’s been quite a wonderful test and I have managed to learn a ton of different skills," she continued. "It’s a bit of an actor’s dream to be able to wear a different hat each episode and learn these different things."

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In order to achieve easy access to her meals, Liv quit her job as a doctor and now works in the morgue of a hospital. "What is quite fun is that each episode, Liv spices up how she wants to eat her brains," the 26-year-old actress explained.

"She doesn’t eat them all the same way. She might blend them or have them in a taco. We get to kind of see how she’s still trying to have a varied and interesting diet despite the quite strange requirement," she said.

For those of you who are thinking think iZombie sounds like Veronica Mars, but this time with a brain-crazed, ass-kicking heroine, McIver would "take that as a compliment."

"But we're not trying to mirror it," the actress explained. "We're trying to make our own thing."

iZombie premieres Tuesday, March 17 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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