Matt Lauer Gets Revenge on Ellen DeGeneres With Epic Car Prank

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After getting pranked over and over again by Ellen DeGeneres, Today show host Matt Lauer is getting his revenge.

Ellen has been messing with Lauer and his co-hosts for years. She's super-imposed their faces on other people in embarrassing situations, she's teased them with on-air pranks, and she's mocked them mercilessly.

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Finally, it was Lauer's turn to make good on his promise of payback, and he enacted the plan with the help of some interns, a life-size cardboard cutout of himself, and 20,000 Ping-Pong balls.

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With only 20 minutes to pull off his elaborate practical joke, Lauer had his devious helpers fill Ellen's Porsche Cayenne with the Ping-Pong balls, pouring them in through her sunroof -- giving the car a "Matt Lauer makeover."

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When Ellen finally made her way out to the car, hidden cameras caught her stunned reaction and the priceless payoff of her opening the car's doors and watching thousands of Ping-Pong balls rain out on the ground as she stood around speechless.

Speaking to Lauer over video chat outside her car, Ellen promised him she's going to get him back even worse.

"Now it's on," Ellen said, deviously. "Before it was fun and games, it was jokes, but now it is on, Lauer."

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Later, Lauer admitted to his co-hosts, "You know the definition of a nanosecond? It's the period of time between feeling good about getting her back and being scared for your life."

This isn't Ellen's first prank war. The talk-show host recently got into a heated contest of hilarious hijinks with her wife, actress Portia De Rossi. Check out the video below for more.

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