Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon Have an 'Ew!' Sing-Off


Ariana Grande channeled her roots as a Nickelodeon star on Friday, appearing on the Tonight Show and taking part in one of Jimmy Fallon’s signature sketches: tween talk show "Ew!"

Grande played Alexa in the sketch, "bestie" to Fallon’s character Sara (with no "h," because "h’s are ew"). The two performed their secret handshake and snapped a "bffelfie," a.k.a. a "best friends forever selfie," before competing in a new segment: The "Ew!" Sing-off!

Grande busted out one of her signature vocal riffs on the sketch's titlular exclamation, but Fallon's character was less than impressed.

"That was okay, I guess," he shrugged.

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For the "Ew!" speed round, Grande’s character declared Richard Dreyfuss "cute," but turned up her nose at a venti latte.

"I prefer grande," she declared as the two dissolved into giggles.

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