The Most Adorable 4-Year Old Ever Performs Beyonce With Her Mom

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Beyhive, forgive us, but this four-year old may be out Beyonce-ing Beyonce!

Heaven and her mom Tianne King dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to put on an amazing routine to Beyonce's "7/11."

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Heaven is really, really fresh.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Tianne and Heaven are regular guests of Ellen's at this point, and the little four-year-old superstar just happens to be the absolute cutest. She gave a shout out to her brother who she was missing, but wanted to make one thing clear.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

He's a puppy. His name is Cody Posay. We can't even handle how cute she is.

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When Ellen asked what Heaven wants to be when she grows up, heaven said "a star and a driver."

So Ellen pulled an Oprah and gave her a car.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Watch her whole performance and interview!

Ellen's always been a fan of pranks, but what happens when Matt Lauer turns the tables on her? Watch below!