'Game of Thrones' Cast Teases ' Bigger and Badder' Twists in Season 5!

Hold onto your dragons!

Hold onto your dragons!

We're only a few weeks away from Game of Thrones' highly anticipated return and, like us, the cast of the worldwide HBO phenomenon is eagerly waiting for season five to premiere.

"It's pretty bloody impressive I'll tell you that much," star Emilia Clarke spilled to ET at the Game of Thrones world premiere in San Francisco on Monday night.

If you thought season four's Battle of Castle Black was the biggest adrenaline-pumping fight of the series, Kit Harington promises you're in for a mind-blowing treat. "I can't tell you specifics, only that I have one of the biggest battles that Thrones has ever seen," Harington teased on the black carpet.

It's well-known that no character is safe from death in Westeros, but Peter Dinklage reveals that he has a quick way to find out if Tyrion will last the entire season.

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"This season I didn't know [if I would stay alive] until I got the scripts, and that's really exciting for me and a little bit daunting," Dinklage explained. "We get [the scripts] all in bulk so I usually go to the last episode. If I'm still in the last episode then I'm good – I just cut to the chase."

As for everyone's favorite Mother of Dragons? Clarke spilled that Daenerys's quest to be queen is about to be pushed to the next level. "She's got a bigger fire in her belly for this season," the actress said. "There's more experience under her belt and because of that the decisions that she's making are bigger and badder than ever."

If that's not enough to get you to tune in to the next chapter in the wildly addictive drama, then we don’t know what will!

The fifth season of Game of Thrones premieres Sunday, April 12 on HBO.