'Arrow' Stars Dish on Ray vs. Oliver: 'It's Very Catch-22'

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The Arrow and the Atom are about to square off -- and Felicity may be caught in the middle!

is packing a punch with tonight’s jam-packed episode, “Suicidal Tendencies.” You’ve got a wedding (Diggle and Lyla!), the return of the Suicide Squad (plus Cupid!) and a showdown between Oliver Queen and Ray Palmer, now romantically involved with Felicity.

“Oliver is perfectly OK and content with Felicity and Ray Palmer having a relationship,” Stephen Amell tells ETonline. But things change once Oliver discovers that Ray has been secretly suiting up as the Atom and fighting crime in a city he lords over.

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“If Oliver finds out that Ray Palmer is the Atom, then that creates the exact same subset of problems that has led to him not wanting to be with Felicity,” Amell says of the eventual reveal. “He’s not going to want to stand idly by and watch her involve herself with another guy that is facing the same set of issues that I am.”

And the ongoing Ray vs. Oliver debate is about to get even more heated once Ray learns that Oliver is the Arrow.

“People don’t want [Ray and Felicity] because they love Olicity, but people love watching Raylicity. It’s very catch-22,” Emily Bett Rickards tells ETonline, referencing the shipper names for Felicity’s romantic entanglements. “I like Raylicity. I think Olicity may be the destiny, eventually. Raylicity is perfect in its entirety, but it’s probably not the ultimate.”

Ultimately, Rickards has hopes that Felicity finds some time for herself sans Ray or Oliver.

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“Felicity is a strong independent woman. She’s like all of Kelly Clarkson’s albums -- she should just be rockin’ to that and walkin’ down the street. She’s got cute clothes. She’s got a good job. She’s got a good head on her shoulders. She’s honest. She’s fun. She’s smart,” Rickards explains.

“Why wouldn’t these men want to date her? But, she needs some ‘her’ time,” she adds. “She needs to check in a little bit.”

Colton Haynes
has a more candid take on Felicity’s complicated love life, telling ETonline, “She’s in her 20s. I think she should wait until she’s 30 [to settle down]. Sleep with them both and just have fun!”

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Ask Team Arrow about their thoughts on who is better suited to look after Starling City -- the Atom or the Arrow -- and the answers are unanimous.

“Arrow, easily!” David Ramsey tells ETonline. “Arrow’s probably the best to serve Starling City since he’s the most experienced. He knows his city better than anyone else and he’s probably the most compelled emotionally to protect the city, not to say that other people aren’t, but Oliver Queen is easily the most qualified to protect Starling City.”

“Arrow because he has the training, but with Ray, he has superpowers so you never know,” Haynes says. But he entertains an idea that could change the game should it come to fruition: “It’d be nice to see them team up, which would be a nice asset to the city.”

Amell was far more diplomatic about the Atom as Starling’s potential new savior.

“The more the merrier, you know?” he says. “Oliver tried to do it himself and he learned very early on that he wasn’t able to do it by himself. He’s dictatorial still, despite the fact that it gets him in trouble – but that’s OK.”

Who do you think is better suited to take after Starling City? Do you think Felicity needs to take some “her” time? Tell us your thoughts by tweeting Philiana Ng at @insidethetube!

airs 8 p.m. Wednesdays on The CW.

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