From 'Idol' to Dr. Pepper? Justin Guarini Stars in Hilarious, Bizarre Ad for Diet Soda


Years after Justin Guarini competed on American Idol and starred in From Justin to Kelly, the 36-year-old actor is back in some hilarious new ads for Diet Dr. Pepper.

The singer and Broadway actor is one of the soda brand's newest mascots, Lil' Sweet. He's a tiny little glam-rocker with a voice as sweet as substitute sugar.

And somehow that has something to do with Diet Dr. Pepper. Look, don't think too much about it, just enjoy Justin's hilarious work as Lil' Sweet.

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Here, Lil' Sweet brings some co-workers some much-needed soda in a workplace. We also learn that Lil' Sweet is self-employed.

Here, Lil' Sweet brings some Diet Dr. Pepper joy into the life of some guys at a kid's birthday party who can't enjoy any of the cupcakes because they're watching their weight. We also learn that Lil' Sweet can defy gravity.

Will Lil' Sweet be the next Geico Gecko or Flo from Progressive Insurance? It's too soon to tell, but you've got to admit that Justin actually looks pretty awesome as a wannabe member of Warrant.

NEWS: Justin Guarini -- American Idol was 'Damaging'

It's nice to see the Idol alum bounce back after he admitted to having some tough times admitted a few years ago. In 2013, the singer actually sat down with Oprah, and revealed that his fame from American Idol may have helped his career, but it damaged his life.

Justin isn't the only actor starring as a strange, surreal spokesman in a commercial. Rob Lowe has been appearing as bizarre characters for DirecTV. Check out a behind-the-scenes look at one of the hilarious ads in the video below.

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