5 Insane Moments From 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Finale


The season 5 finale of The Walking Dead was a jam-packed 90-minute extravaganza that rarely slowed down for viewers to catch their breathe.


The episode opens with the situation in Alexandria boiling just below the surface, tensions running high between absolutely everyone, and the stunning return of an amazing character, all culminating with a much more exciting (and less depressing) conclusion than we could have hoped for.

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But even in an episode filled with excitement and the kind of tension that makes your stomach hurt, there were still some amazing highlights. Let's take a look at the flat-out craziest moments from The Walking Dead's jaw-dropping season finale.

5. Morgan is the Biggest Badass Who Ever Wanted to Be a Pacifist

The episode opens with Morgan sipping his cup of tea in the middle of the forest when he is approached by a gun-wielding marauder with a 'W' carved into his forehead. Morgan tries, several times, to convince the man -- and his buddy hiding in the bushes -- to just walk away from the fight, but to no avail. So he's forced to take them both out with his bow staff like a ninja warrior. It's awesome to see someone is as good with a martial arts weapon as Michonne.

4. The Food Truck Trap That Proves The Walking Dead is Just Trolling Fans

Aaron and Daryl decide to check out a fleet of unattended semi-trucks that are apparently filled with food. As soon as they open them, it turns out it's a trap (because it's so obviously a trap) and they are forced to flee the hundreds of walkers that are suddenly let loose from the trucks. Both men are forced to kill a bunch of the walkers in absolutely amazing ways -- like when Daryl decapitates three of them with a chain.

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The thing is, there have long been fears that Daryl was going to die this season. So when you see him trapped in a minivan, surrounded by hundreds of walkers pawing at the windows, you can't help but think this is his time. Same goes for Glen who is shot in the neck before a group of walkers dog pile on top of him. Yet NEITHER of these situations lead to those characters dying. The creators are clearly just toying with our expectations and emotions.

3. All The Undead Kills

This episode, like most episodes, was filled with some amazing zombie kills. From Daryl's chain-whipping, to Aaron literally crushing a walker's head with a good ol' car door, to Father Gabriel severing a walker's head with a noose, the undead met some gristly second-deaths.

But maybe the greatest was when Rick basically exploded a walker's dead with his bare hands, covering his face in the creature's disgusting fluids. The Walking Dead isn't a great dinner time show.

2. Rick Reaches His Intimidating Apex

After the Alexandrians hold a meeting about kicking Rick out of their town, Rick -- who just killed a walker that had gotten in the gate that Father Gabriel left open -- crashes the party with the body of the walker and explains to everyone how there is so much more to this crazy world that they could ever understand. Rick is at his apex of intimidation, but he's also ready to make this city his home and take it under his protection.

So it's not great timing when everyone's least favorite schmuck Pete shows up with one of Michonne's swords and ends up accidentally cutting Reg's throat open before Abraham tackles him to the ground. A devastated Deanna realizes the truth about the world that Rick comes from, and tells him to "do it," compromising all the rules and ideals she thought were important for a functioning society.

Without any hesitation at all, Rick levels his gun and puts a bullet in Pete's head.

1. Reunited and it Feels So Awkward

Which is exactly the moment that Morgan shows up. The bow staff badass was lead to Alexandria by Daryl and Aaron -- after rescuing them from the obvious zombie trap -- and walks right up as Rick is executing someone in the public square. Not exactly the sight that Morgan - now a man of peace as often as he can be - is likely excited to see.

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That being said, the two characters who eased us into The Walking Dead's world of death and insanity five seasons ago are back together, and we couldn't be more excited.

What did you think of the finale?

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