8 Things We Loved About Kelly Clarkson's Amazing 'American Idol' Performances


Wednesday was Kelly Clarkson Night on American Idol, and aside from her mentoring the remaining contestants -- who all sang her songs -- the original Idol winner also delivered two stunning performances of her own and proved, once again, that she's a real Idol.

From her jaw-dropping vocals to her gorgeous wardrobe choices, here are eight highlights from Kelly's amazing performances of her single "Heartbeat Song" and her cover of "At Last" that made us all remember why she dominated the singing show all those years ago and has continued to be one of the most successful musicians in the country.

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1. Her Stunning Red Dress: 
Nothing says love, romance and heartbeats like a striking, bright red dress that stood out like a beacon even against the busy red and white background.

2. Her Bedazzled Red Mic: 
It didn't seem possible that anything would out-dazzle Jennifer Lopez's crystal-covered mic from her performance of "Feel the Light" on Idol two weeks ago, but Kelly's blood red jewel-encrusted mic takes the cake.

3. The Trapper Keeper Notebook Set Design: 
The one thing all good love songs manage to do is take you back to your youthful days in high school, scribbling in your notebook while daydreaming about that person you were crushing on all those years ago. The sketched-out hearts and arrows dancing across the screens behind Kelly totally transported viewers to that nostalgic part of their lives.

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4. Kelly's Song Choice

Kelly chose the soulful, powerful tune "At Last," made famous by legendary singer Etta James in 1960. It's such a great song, and Kelly's dynamic voice was a perfect fit.

5. She Lived Up to the Song's Pedigree: 
GRAMMY Hall of Famer Etta James is one of the greatest singers of the last century, and "At Last" is one of her most celebrated songs, so it's no easy feat to live up to the legacy. However, Kelly absolutely killed it.

6. Set Simplicity: 
Kelly turned down the tricks and the visuals to let "At Last" speak for itself. Haloed in a spotlight of purple, Kelly let her voice shine and the song soar on its own merit.

7. Hitting the High Notes: 
Kelly delighted the audience by really digging deep and delivering powerhouse high notes. A singer who can perfectly hit those is someone to celebrate.

8. Her Jazzy, Lacy Dress: 
To complement the soulful, jazzy nature of "At Last," Kelly donned a gorgeous black and red lace-topped dress that was a perfect match.

What did you think of Kelly's return to American Idol?

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