James Corden Crashes a Stranger's House to Broadcast 'Late Late Show'


James Corden decided to take The Late Late Show on the road -- well, four blocks away from his CBS studio -- to do a little "experiment" that he promises "absolutely might not work."

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Corden and his crew filmed their entire show in a complete stranger's house. "It very much relies on someone saying yes," the new host said to camera. Actor Jeff Goldblum also got in on the antics.

Corden convinced someone to let him shoot in their home, telling Tommy, the owner of the house, "Say hello to America! ...It's not all of America. It's not that many people."

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The host than awkwardly interviewed the people at the residence, and later chatted with a suited up Goldblum. Lucky for the late-night talk show, the house chosen had a sizable couch.

Beck also performed and Goldblum and Corden decided to play hide-in-seek in the stranger's home. 

Corden is off to a great start as the new host of The Late Late Show. Below, check out seven reasons we're tuning in to watch the new British TV personality.

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