Kevin James, Jimmy Fallon Try to Fight in Slow Motion and It's Hilarious!


Who knew fighting in slow-motion could be this entertaining?

Kevin James
dropped by Friday's Tonight Show to promote Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, but also to remember that time he and Jimmy Fallon starred in a failed '80s show called Last Call Saloon.  

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The premise was this: Their characters never saw eye to eye, resulting in a lot of brawls -- usually over trivial things (we're talking beer nuts). And because of a modest budget, they had to do the slow-motion fight scenes themselves. "All things considered, I think we did an awesome job," James said.

Let's judge for ourselves, shall we?

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One of the funniest moments comes around the 3:20 mark when the pair act out their second Last Call Saloon scene.

After Fallon berates James for eating the last beer nut, James responds by spitting one out and hitting Fallon's abdomen. Unable to stifle their laughter, the two then start their slow-motion fight with Fallon having trouble successfully going over the bar in a cool way.

And when Fallon has to get James over the bar too -- all in slow motion. Well, you get this LOL-worthy moment.


Too. Funny.

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