Netflix's 'Daredevil' Cast Reveals Which Marvel Superhero They Want for a Crossover

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If you’re finished binge-watching Netflix’s Daredevil -- and if you haven’t started yet, here’s everything you need to know to get to bingeing ASAP -- you are now probably just anxiously waiting to find out when you’ll see Daredevil again.

We know we’ll see him again in The Defenders, Netflix’s Avengers-esque team-up of four NYC heroes, but what about a season two? Or, since Marvel's head brass constantly boast that “it’s all connected,” an appearance in one of the movies? The Avengers: Infinity Wars, maybe?

We went straight to the source and asked the Daredevil cast which MCU hero they would like to see pop up in Daredevil, or vice versa. Now, because this is Marvel, and the only thing more super than their heroes is their secrecy, we were originally met with resistance.

“Hm. That’s kind of hard because it’s already happening a little bit,” Rosario Dawson, who plays Claire Temple on the series, told ETonline. “I feel like you’re going to get us in trouble! I feel like there’s a Marvel ejector seat that’s about to shoot me out and be like, ‘YOU SPOKE TOO SOON.’” Eventually, the rest of the cast spilled on their dream casting though.

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Charlie Cox, who plays blind lawyer Matt Murdock turned masked vigilante Daredevil:
“God knows what they’re thinking or what they’re going to do,” he cautioned. “We really know nothing.”

“But I’d like to see Frank Castle turn up,” he said. “That would be an interesting situation.” Better known as The Punisher, Castle is an ex-military antihero who saw his family get killed by the mob, which inspired him to go on a vigilante rampage to serve out his own brand of justice.

The Punisher movie rights reverted back to Marvel from Lionsgate around the same time they got Daredevil back, so Cox’s dream could easily become reality should Daredevil get a second season.

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Elden Henson, who plays Matt’s best friend and law partner, Foggy Nelson:
“Probably Iron Man and this is, I think, coming more from a person thing,” he said. “I just love Robert Downey Jr. I think everything he does is amazing and he can cross over into so many genres. I just really admire him as an actor.”

“For selfish reasons, I’d like to get into that Iron Man universe,” he continued. “Although that might be a little bit scary. Jon Favreau [who executive produces the Iron Man movies and played Foggy in the 2003 Daredevil movie] might not like me for not being as funny as him playing Foggy Nelson.”

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Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Murdock and Nelson Law Offices secretary Karen Page:
“What I like about our world is the street-level aspect of it, is the aspect that while the big guys are up there handling the aliens and the gods, you know, someone is also down there getting the corrupt politicians and the cops and the drug traffickers and the kidnappers,” she told us.

“So maybe Spider-Man?” she continued. “He feels like he has kind of a street-level grit to him. That could be cool.” Now that Marvel has partnered with Sony to include Peter Parker in the MCU, the two heroes are only a few subway stops apart.

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Jeph Loeb, Head of Television for Marvel:
“Right now, I’m super excited about what’s going on with Jessica Jones,” he said, referring to the next series in line for Netflix. “Krysten Ritter is killing it. [Doctor Who’s] David Tennant is playing [villain Zebediah] Kilgrave -- believe me, when we do this again, you’ll be talking about him in the same way you’re talking about Vincent D'onofrio. It’s an extraordinary cast. People are going to finally see Luke Cage [Mike Colter] for the first time.”

“There’s lots of things of richness in there and then, as you know, we just announced we’re following that up with Luke Cage and after that Iron Fist,” he continued. “Knowing that and knowing that those characters are going to then interact with each other and knowing how unique each one of those voices are and how they approach everything differently and how they come to each situation. You’ll be shocked -- shocked! -- to find out that when they become The Defenders they actually don’t get along.”

“When I look down that road, there’s really more than enough for us to be able to do,” Loeb concluded. “But that doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be some surprises along the way.”

Well, in that case, can we get A.K.A. Jessica Jones now, please?

Now, go behind-the-scenes of Marvel'sDaredevil with Charlie Cox:

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