EXCLUSIVE: 'The Amazing Race' Final 6 Teams Feel the Pressure in Africa!

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This season of The Amazing Race is down to the final six teams, and the contestants are feeling the pressure as they race through Africa!

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Things get intense on tonight’s special two-hour episode of the reality competition show as the remaining teams trek through Namibia, and ETonline has an exclusive sneak peek.

The clip shows the teams at a roadblock, when "Team SoCal" Tyler and Laura stop to double-check their map, it stops the progress of all the other contestants, including the lead car, driven by "The Hairstylists" Matt and Ashley.

"Why did everybody stop?" Matt asks his fiancee. "You’re kidding me right now!"

"Yeah babe, don’t get mad, just reverse!" Ashley yells as Tyler and Laura confirm their direction, unaware that their pause is causing the other teams to panic.

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"I can’t believe Matt and Ashley came all the way back," Tyler laughs later, while Laura implores her teammate to catch up to the lead car.

Once the caravan gets moving again, Matt and Ashley curse their hesitation.

"We just freaked out because we saw everybody stop behind us, so we second-guessed [ourselves]," Matt explains with frustration. "We should never have stopped."

The Amazing Race airs Fridays at 8/7c on CBS.

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