Sarah Jessica Parker Talks New HBO Comedy 'Divorce,' Gets Sentimental Over Joan Rivers

The former 'Sex and the City' star sat down with Melissa Rivers, and opened up about her new project and her past red carpet looks.

Sarah Jessica Parker is returning to her HBO with a new, half-hour comedy series, Divorce, and the former Sex and the City star sat down with Melissa Rivers to talk about her new project.

"It was an area of particular interest for me because I'm married, and I love being married, and I'm happily married," Parker said in an exclusive sit-down with ET while celebrating the opening of Zappos Couture pop-up boutique in Las Vegas. The actress, who turned 50 in March, has been married to actor Matthew Broderick since 1997.

"I think marriage is wonderfully complicated and wonderfully interesting, and everybody conducts their marriage differently," Parker continued. "We know almost nothing about people's marriage, because even those who we're most intimate with in friendships, we don't always share the good or the bad. And I just think that at a certain point, some people feel alone and lost."

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Parker explained that since marriage and divorce mean so many different things to different people, she's interested in creating "a portrait of divorce."

"I think we're at an age where a lot of people have experienced it. Or are about to, or want to, or secretly wish they could. Or [are] so grateful that their marriage isn't at that state," Parker said. "And so I love the idea of telling that story."

With Parker returning to television, that also means she'll be making more appearances on the red carpet. ET’s Melissa Rivers took a moment to show the actress old red-carpet footage of her mother, the late comic and legend Joan, interviewing Parker about her style. Parker was noticeably sentimental when flashing back to the past, remarking, "Oh my god, I love hearing her" before sending the icon off with a touching send-off. "Godspeed."

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The conversation then turned to Parker's style and its evolution over the course of her career.

"I sort of wear whatever I, I don't think I have an identity. I think I'm everything. I think I'm all women," Parker -- also a designer of SJP, by Sarah Jessica Parker footwear collection -- told Rivers. "You know, I run my kids to school, I can't wear heels. I know it's disappointing. People got a lot of things to say, like, 'Where's her heels?' Oh, 'She's a horror.' But, the truth is, you know, I live in a city and there's elements and there's snow and mud and rain and curbs… and I kind of just wear what I like to wear."

"Don't you feel best when you just feel like yourself?" Parker asked. "When you stop thinking about what everyone else is wearing or what you should wear or what people might think or say? Don't you feel best when you walk out the door and you simply feel like yourself?"

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Rivers brought it back around to her late mother, who died last September at age 81. "I understand why my mother loved you so much," she said. "She wouldn't have related to that statement at all, but I get why she loved you. And that's why I love you."

In addition to starring in Divorce, Parker is also producing the series. Thomas Haden Church, Molly Shannon and Talia Balsam are set to co-star. The HBO series will begin production in New York later this year.