Maury Povich Reveals the Most Memorable Thing That Ever Happened on 'Maury'



Maury Povich
, the man who single-handedly funded the DNA tests industry in the late ‘90s and 2000’s, recently sat down for a Reddit Ask Me Anything and, seriously, where do you even begin there?

Just off the top of our head: Why were there so many random bleeps all the time? Was Maury swearing? Or did someone in the crowd just randomly yell the F-word? Were those people actually scared of chickens and marshmallows and stuff? Does Maury like chicken tetrazzini?

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This is a good one too: What’s the most memorable thing that every happened on Maury?

“It’s happened twice. A woman accused a guy of being the father of her twins,” he wrote.
“When I opened the envelope -- and I don’t know the answers before anybody else does -- he was the father of one of the twins, but not the other. And they were fraternal twins. And science says that’s a million-to-one shot, that there could be two fathers of twins...So the million-to-one shot has come in twice. And that’s the most surprised I ever was.”

WHATEVER, WHATEVER, YOU DON’T KNOW ME. Here are more fun facts:

Is any of the show scripted? Or are any of the guests actually actors?
“All of it is real. There's not a moment that is not real. There's not a moment that is scripted. I could make a case that we were maybe one of the first reality shows that came onto the scene. The show never started out this way...And once the lie detectors, and the DNA, kicked in, that's the road we took.”

What’s the most disturbing thing that happened on the show?
“Well, the stories that really get to me are the ones in which I have a 15 year old girl who's trying to accuse a 15 year old boy of being the father of her child. I mean, the teenage pregnancies, and the teenage kids, who have to deal with babies is the most disturbing part of the show.”

How do you keep a straight face after some of your guest's fourth or fifth "NOT the father"?
“Hehehe. Well... you know... you hope that the 6th will be.

"I've been asked that question, about how do I do this thing with a straight face. I knew a President one time. And he asked me one time, because he was flipping through stations, and he saw my show, and he said "How do you do that show with a straight face?" And I said "Well, Mr. President, think of all the things you have to do every day with a straight face."

That president has to be Clinton, right?

Anyway, you can read more answers from Maury’s AMA here.

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