Donna Mills & Vanessa Marcil Clash on 'Queens of Drama'

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ET got an inside look at the intricate dynamics of Pop's new docuseries Queens of Drama, sitting down with stars Donna Mills and Vanessa Marcil.

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In the show, General Hospital actresses Marcil and Mills are a part of a group of six strong-willed soap opera actresses trying to coexist at a new production company. At times, the plotlines of their real lives can mirror that of their fictional characters as tempers fly when members don't see eye-to-eye.

"Men are like that all the time," the 46-year-old Marcil told ET. "They'll even punch each other and then they go have a drink. Women -- real professional women -- I think are like that too. There are many moments where I wanted to punch her in the face."

While it may be challenging for her comrades to work alongside her at times, you have to give credit where credit is due. Mills, 74, has been in the business for nearly five decades with her first soap being The Secret Storm. Through her ups and downs she's learned a thing or two, but she doesn't blame Hollywood if she's sometimes conscientious about her appearance.

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"I think that's more personal pride than pressure from Hollywood," Mills said. "I don't feel a pressure to stay relevant. I feel an internal push in my own self to be relevant. I don't want to stay in the 80s or my hay day or whatever. That's why I'm doing all these things that are new for me. It's me that tells me to do that because I want to be vital."

The special one-hour series premiere of Queens of Drama airs Sunday, April 26 on Pop.

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