'Seinfeld' Coming to Hulu in June!


Get ready to binge watch another '90s show!

While we celebrated the new year with Friends coming to Netflix, Hulu has now landed the digital video rights to Seinfeld that will include ALL 180 episodes streaming on the site!

All nine seasons will debut online in June the streaming service announced on Wednesday during its New York presentation to advertisers. “People will only watch television like this in the future -- it’s
so obvious," Seinfeld said on stage. “You could have put the DVD in, but
no one really wants to do that.”

“I can’t believe the show is still here… it’s humbling,” he

According to The Wall Street Journalwho first reported the exciting news, the sitcom didn't come cheap. Hulu is reportedly paying an estimated $700,000 per episode, which totals about $180 million. Totally worth it?!

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This will be the first time the beloved sitcom -- co-created by Larry David and starring Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards -- has streamed in its entirety.

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aired from 1989-1998 and was about the misadventures of New York stand-up comedian Seinfeld and his equally neurotic friends, George (Alexander), Elaine (Louise-Dreyfus) and Kramer (Richards).

Hulu also announced that it has acquired the rights to future AMC programming, including Fear the Walking Dead.

Will you be binge watching Seinfeld?

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