Idina Menzel and James Corden Lead 'Dirty Dancing' Party, 'Silicon Valley' Actor Not Impressed


Apparently, not everyone is a fan of the 1987 classic Dirty Dancing.

Silicon Valley
star Kumail Nanjiani looked quite confused on Thursday's Late Late Show when host James Corden and Frozen's Idina Menzel broke out into song while seated next to him.

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Corden and Menzel, both Broadway alums, then took their duet to the stage where they were joined by dancing couples. While the two sang "(I've Had) The Time of My Life," cameras panned to Nanjiani who was seated in the darkness, hilariously not participating at all in the impromptu dance party.

When Corden and Menzel returned to the seating area, the actor still didn't looked thrilled. The host asked him if he enjoyed the performance, Menzel patted him on the back but he kept quiet and looked pretty stunned at what had just happened.


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Corden has become a heavy hitter in the late-night realm seemingly over night. Here's another reason to watch him on the Late Late Show:

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