14 'Mad Men' Guest Stars You Totally Forgot About!


It's been eight years.

Eight years filled with torrid love affairs, back-stabbing workplace drama, and the slow but steady evolution of Mad Men's most unforgettable characters. However after 92 episodes of ups and downs, it's rather difficult to remember each and every minor character who helped move the story along.

With only three episodes left in the Emmy-winning series, we at ETonline are taking a look back at our 14 favorite Mad Men guest stars we totally forgot were on the show.

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Hey, no judgment! As we've said before, we usually like to pour ourselves a strong Old Fashioned before tuning into Matthew Weiner's world -- so it's only natural that the details would be a little bit fuzzy.

For example, we bet you barely remember the time that Betty slapped Scandal's Darby Stanchfield straight across the face in a grocery store…

Or when Pete fell head over heels for his blue-eyed neighbor who just so happened to be Gilmore Girls alumni Alexis Bledel

Or that time that Neve Campbell played the world's best airplane passenger that we would be thrilled to be seated next to…

To refresh your memory on all of Mad Men's best guest stars before we say goodbye to the series, click through our gallery and see how many of these characters you remember!

Mad Men airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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