Tia Mowry: 'Sister, Sister' Reboot Probably Happening

Let's sister up again!!

Another TGIF series is being talked about for a possible reboot!

Tia Mowry of the 90's sitcom Sister, Sister went on The Meredith Vieira Show Friday, where -- in light of the upcoming Full House reboot -- the 36-year old actress dished on whether she and her twin, Tamara, might sister up again for a revival.

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"I would love to," said Tia on the possibility of a reunion. "It's all about timing. You know, I'm working on a show right now, and my sister, she's working on a show, so we'll see."

"The fans they really want it, so we'll give it to them probably," Tia added.

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Meanwhile, Tia also shared some cool details about spending time with Mary Kate & Ashley on the set of Full House -- where her brother Tahj Mowry played Teddy.

"My sister and I," said Tia. "We would actually baby-sit the Olsen twins."

Unfortunately this didn't lead to any "Sister, Sisterhood of the Traveling Twins" situation. When asked if the Mowry and Olsen twins remain friends to this day, Tia responded, "No we're not."

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In any case, we're all about this reunion! With Girl Meets World, Full House coming to Netflix, and now this, We even have some suggestions on what you could call it.

Sister 2 Sister
Sister, Second
Sister, Sister: Act 2
Siister, Siister
2 Sis 2 Ster
Sister, Sister, Sister, Sister

Let's make this happen, TV executives. (Pay us please.)

Watch Tamara question whether she and Tia are really identical twins below.