'Arrow': 11 Things You Need to Know Before Season 3 Is Over!


What to expect from the penultimate episode of the season.

Warning: You’re about to head into minor spoiler territory for tonight’s episode of Arrow, titled “This Is Your Sword.” If you want to remain surprised, stop! If you’re curious about what’s ahead, you may proceed.

Is Oliver Queen really dead?

On Wednesday’s Arrow, Oliver (Stephen Amell) is one step closer to fully transforming into Al Sah-him, heir to the Demon. But in order to do so, Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) has two final tasks for Oliver to complete: marry his daughter Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) and demolish Starling City using the deadly Alpha Omega virus.

ETonline was lucky enough to watch the episode early and it's a doozy. Put it this way, Arrow is about to throw a major curveball (or two) your way! So what can you expect? Ahead of tonight’s episode, titled “This Is Your Sword,” we share 11 things to look for as we count down the end of season three – plus, we answer some of your biggest questions!

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1. Is there more to Oliver as Al Sah-him? It certainly wouldn’t be Arrow without some curveballs, now would it? While Oliver may be engaged in Ra’s’ multi-step plan to one day assume the mantle as leader of the League of Assassins, it’s not all that it seems and other players may be involved. Questions of loyalties and betrayals bubble up to the surface, threatening Oliver's new reality and possible future.

In regards to this topic, @AmellDaily asks, "was Ras successfully able to brainwash Oliver or Oliver is faking it the whole time?" That's certainly a looming question, isn't it? You get a very clear answer as to what Oliver's doing in tonight's episode, but you may be scratching your head by the end of it.

2. Team Arrow (and some friends) makes it to Nanda Parbat, but how? A good portion of the episode is spent with the remaining members of Team Arrow questioning whether or not to go to Nanda Parbat after Malcolm brings them some interesting intel, but they eventually do – and they have a clear goal in mind. Some members of the team are gung-ho about their plan, while others take some more persuasion. Considering they end up locked up and shackled, things don't go according to plan. Can they get out? 

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@theapplefour asks, "Want to know what's happening with the Black Canary character. she seems to left in limbo ATM." Fair point, and you'll be relieved to know that Laurel/Black Canary is fully integrated into the mission. Plus, she's proven herself to be a formidable asset alongside Felicity and Diggle.

3. Is this the worst wedding ever
? When the bride and groom don’t want to marry each other, it’s probably not going to make for a great wedding – and that’s certainly the case when it comes to Oliver and Nyssa. So much so that one of them takes drastic measures to try to put an end to the ceremony. 

To this point @filmsy101 asks, “on a scale of 1-10, how awkward is the wedding?” No number could possibly quantify the situation at hand, but if we had to pick? A 17. And oh, by the way, Ra’s has another not-so-tiny request of Nyssa and Oliver to fully consummate their planned partnership.

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4. But Team Arrow’s reaction, especially Felicity’s, is revealing.
The topic of Oliver’s impending nuptials comes out by accident, and we’ll leave you to guess who prompts the news of the wedding bombshell to be broken to everyone. Hint: It's not who you'd expect. @VerronicaaC asks, “How will Team Arrow deal hearing that Oliver is going to marry Nyssa?” They’re not exactly thrilled about it.

Where does this leave the future of "Olicity"? Surprisingly, a figure from Oliver's past factors in greatly when it comes to Oliver and Felicity, engaging in a heart-to-heart with Miss Smoak, who isn't in the best mindframe. @Olicityibelieve asks, “could you please use 3 words to describe olicity in 3x22?” Gut-wrenching, longing and heartbreaking.

5. Is the Diggle and Oliver brotherhood over? Considering Oliver put his best friend's wife in harm's way for his own League needs (you'll find out whose idea that was), it's fair to assume Oliver has a lot of work ahead of him when it comes to Diggle, who isn't dealing with his actions too well. Can you blame him?! In fact Diggle's "unhinged," nearly killing a guy in Starling. There is, however, a pivotal moment between Diggle and Oliver that sheds light on where their friendship and partnership stands, and it's not what Oliver expected.

6. The Atom flies through a plane.
Enough said.

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7. Roy Harper’s new life is ... a departure.
What has the man formerly known as Roy Harper and Arsenal been up to after his emotional goodbye? Thea journeys out of Starling City – wise decision, kid! – to reunite with Roy, who has taken on another identity and a brand new job, and to return a certain suit of his. It’s a nice reprieve for Thea, who was near death just a few episodes ago, and she and Roy don’t miss a beat! Unfortunately, happy times don’t last forever on Arrow…

8. Could there be a change at Palmer Technologies?
Though Ray and Felicity officially broke up – watch their break-up scene again – the two have an interesting conversation that results in some “corporate" paperwork being signed that could potentially change someone's life forever.

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9. Maseo’s soul plays a big role.
Remember when we hinted that Oliver’s transition to the League could actually be a play for Maseo’s soul? That comes to fruition in tonight’s episode. We saw him help Team Arrow once – although unsuccessfully – and this time we’ll see him ultimately pick a side, but not before he and Oliver have a tense chat about identity. And, with Tatsu/Katana helping Team Arrow in Nanda Parbat, it'd certainly be a waste not to have her and Maseo confront each other wouldn't it?

10. Not everyone makes it out alive.
It wouldn't be an episode of Arrow without some bloodshed. The episode title, "This Is Your Sword," is a good indicator as to how one of the characters takes their last breath.

11. The ending is SHOCKING.
Yes, in all caps. Tonight’s episode felt like a march up to next week’s sure-to-be-bonkers season three finale, but that meant leaving some big dangling threads hanging as great cliffhangers do. If you’re a fan of Team Arrow, the ending - it's definitely a cliffhanger - is unexpected and leaves you asking, "What the heck?!" As for a hint on the episode’s final moment, think cloudy.

We leave you with three dialogue teases. Guess who says them and to whom! A) "Things are worse than we thought." B) "Next time we should really look into renting some horses. They rent horses here right?" C) "Thank you for releasing me from my pain."

Do you think Oliver is truly Al Sah-him, or is this all a ruse? Do you believe Nyssa and Oliver's wedding goes on uninterrupted? Tell us what you're looking forward to by tweeting at Philiana Ng at @insidethetube on Twitter! 

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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